Safe Casino FAQ

  • What Are Demo Games at Safe Casino?

    The demo game at Safe Casino is a mode where you can use the full functionality of a slot machine but do not get any winnings because you do not pay money for the spins. With these free games, you can try a new slot machine. It's also a great choice if you desire to play but have no money. These games are amazing if you want to try a winning strategy.

  • How to Become a Skillful Gambler at Safe Casino?

    To get more skills, you must practice regularly. But without knowledge of theory, you can't succeed. If you want to become an experienced casino player, you have to not only bet regularly, study different slot machines, board, and live casino games but also read tutorials and watch educational videos.

  • What Gambling Games Are Available at Safe Casino?

    Safe Casino offers you several varieties of gambling games. The main ones are slot machines. There are also games with live dealers in the Live Casino section. Different varieties of roulette, blackjack and poker are also available to players.

  • How Can I Play on the Go?

    You can use the adaptive version of the site to play all games on your smartphone or tablet. This is the same address, but if you open it on your phone, the interface will automatically adjust to the screen of your device. Accordingly, the launch procedure is no different from the computer. This mobile casino has the same bonuses and banking methods.

  • Can My Account Be Blocked?

    Yes, but it happens only if you don't follow the rules. For example, it happens because of mass accounting, meaning the mass registration of accounts aimed at repeated bonuses and jackpot scoring on slot machines. Safe Casino algorithms track personal data, contacts, and IP addresses to identify duplicate accounts, and verification is also used as a method to identify existing users. Hacking can also be a reason for blocking your page. But it is not such a common violation. It requires special knowledge and skills. But if you don't cheat, Safe Casino will never block your page.

  • What Is Volatility in Slots?

    Volatility is an indicator of the risk level in a slot machine. The higher it is, the fewer chances you have to win in a short distance. Slots with a high volatility indicator allow to get big winnings but rarely. Slots with low volatility, on the contrary, give players small winnings but often. If you are a beginner, the second option is your choice.